In Review: Frontiersman #3

As villains conspire against him behind the scenes, Frontiersman battles a lunatic in front of the world.

Synopsis: As villains conspire against him behind the scenes, Frontiersman battles a lunatic in front of the world. A live, on-camera fight to the death with a former hero gone rogue! There is no place to hide!


The Story

Having sorted out Galaxie Prime in the last issue. Frontiersman is back at the top of his tree and is doing various TV and Media interviews. Of course, being so prominent in the public eye is making Frontiersman a target, which is something that Frontiersman’s daughter is very concerned about.  Indeed, she is right to be concerned as the aging superheroes former teammate Trefoil has been paid to take him out. Furthermore, the people that have hired Trefoil have high hopes that the spectacle of the fight and Trefoil’s victory will bring public opinion to their side.

The battle between the two former teammates sees Trefoil pointing out that they are two sides of the same coin. Frontiersman representing old America and him representing the capitalist America of the 20th century.


The Artwork

Marco Ferrari continues to hit it out of the park when it comes to his art for this series. The fight between Trefoil and Frontiersman is beautifully drawn and does a great job of conveying the brutality of the battle. Additionally, I really enjoyed how the artist and colorist chose to just use a rough color wash for the flashback sequence that we see during the fight.



Patrick Kindlon continues to write a more grounded style of superhero. I really enjoyed the back and forth between Frontiersman and his daughter over the phone. Especially when it came to her argument that he was old and somewhat out of his depth. I also enjoyed how we saw Trefoil listening to various podcasters during his drive across the country to reach his target. This element added a bit of nuance to the back and forth dialog that we get during the big fight.

Overall. A Solid issue with a fantastic setup for next month’s chapter.

Frontiersman #3
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