In Review: Frontiersman #2

One hundred and fifty feet up a tree and all over the news, Frontiersman is just asking to be attacked.

Synopsis: One hundred and fifty feet up a tree and all over the news, Frontiersman is just asking to be attacked. An old foe obliges—and he’s a cosmic menace to boot! But does Galaxie Prime have a more complex motive for the battle? (Yes.)


The Story

Having scaled a one hundred and fifty-foot tree to get an environmental message out to the news. Frontiersman gets the attention of his old nemesis Galaxie Prime whose agenda goes beyond getting into a dust-up. Turns out Galaxie Prime has a soft spot for Frontiersman’s ex-girlfriend Ex Nihlo’s and they want Frontiersman to give them her details so that they can introduce her to her child.

Meanwhile, FM has gotten the attention of another villain.



Marco Ferrari does some pretty good work on this issue. I continue to like the Davy Crocket style of coonskin cap and costume that is sported by Frontiersman, who kind of resembles a refugee from ZZ Top. The character design for Galaxie Prime is simple but quite effective. I love the panels where FM is caught within Galaxie’s bauble thing. In fact, the battle between FM and Galaxie looks like a bit of an acid trip as it’s rather psychedelic looking.



Patrick Kindlon adds a little more backstory to the plot as we see a few supervillains observing FM’s latest stunts. The discussion between FM and Galaxie Prime is a lot of fun and very current as GP describes themself as being non-binary, which is a fun and interesting commentary on gender politics and identity. But a bulk of the discussion was GP pleading with FM to put them in contact with his Ex.

Overall. An interesting second issue that moves the story on a little bit, but also manages to squeeze some interesting discussion in on gender without it becoming a central part of the story. But am still none the wiser as to where this story is ultimately going to go. As it does not feel like we have moved on that much since the first issue.

Frontiersman #2
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