In Review: Freeway Fighter #2

Andi Ewington's mad max style adventure continues.

Synopsis: The post apocalyptic road adventure continues with Belle picking up a passanger.

Review: Andi Ewington’s road adventure continues and sees Bella find herself a new companion who is looking for a settlement named new hope.

The first half of this issue sees Bella getting to know her new friend and eventually agreeing to take him as far as her remaining fuel allows. Which doesn’t appear to be all that far given that the issue closes at the point where Bella and her new companion are scavenging for more fuel.

The continues the story brilliantly from where the first issue left off.

There are some really unsettling moments in the comic when Bella searches an abandoned old house to find the skeleton remains of its occupants. Which prompts her to tell her companion to sleep on the porch. Probably safer there.

The issue ends with a cliffhanger that will put you in mind of Mad Max and any number of 80’s B-Movies that involved cars, deserts and broken worlds.

As with last issue Simon Coleby’s art is super smart.

I especially enjoyed the sequence where Bella searches the old house and the level of detail that Coleby put into those dead Skeletons and of course the family photo, which gives a fleeting glance of what that family’s life was like before the virus hit.

I also enjoyed his drawings of the graveyard of old wrecked cars, which Bella is searching through in order to try and find more fuel for her car. The level of detail of all the individual cars was really good. I especially enjoyed some of the more vintage looking cars like the old Ford pick-up trucks and such.

A final note has to go to the colourist and has managed to keep this books atmospherics really interesting and fun.

Two issues in and I’m now looking forward to seeing how things will play out in the third issue, which goes on sale next month.

Freeway Fighter #2
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