In Review: Freeway Fighter #1

Speed into the world of danger, death and fast cars! The smash-hit Fighting Fantasy gamebook comes to comics for the very first time!

Synopsis: Speed into the world of danger, death and fast cars! The smash-hit Fighting Fantasy gamebook comes to comics for the very first time! New story based on the cult-followed series of game books. Written by Andi Ewington (Exmortis, Sunflower) and illustrated by Simon Coleby (Judge Dredd, The Royals).

Review: Based on the Fighting Fantasy game book’s. Freeway Fighter is a throwback to the trend of post apocalyptic movies such as Mad Max and the like, but with American Muscle cars.

The game book, which was created by Ian Livingston gets a new lease of life by Andi Ewington and his fabulous creative team.

The story centres on I – 400 race car driver Belle de LeRosa who is one of the few survivors of a virus that has turned America into a feudal wasteland.

The story starts off in 2022 in which LeRosa is in the race of her life at the I-400. Then the action jumps forward 18 months to 2024 in which Belle is having to use her skills as a race car driver and combine them with survival techniques.

This is a dark dystopian future. A point which is illustrated by Belle’s reaction to a thug who begs her for his life. Unfortunately in this world. There isn’t room for second chances.

The artwork by Simon Colby is awesome. His line work really illustrates the visceral actions of the car when in motion. And the characters are drawn with intricate details to a point where you can really take in every piercing and tattoo that our hero has.

Colby’s art is complemented perfectly by Len O’Grady’s colour work, which really brings the whole thing to life.

The sequence at the start of the book really does bring you as close to the excitement of a race than a comic book can get.

I loved how Andi Ewington wrote Belle’s dialogue with her car. A one way conversation of course. But that said. As a musician. I have been known to talk to my guitars. So same thing really.

If your a fan of post apocalyptic adventure with fast and dirty muscle cars. Then this is a comic you will likely enjoy. Its worth the purchase alone for the fantastic artwork and colours. This comic is a thing of beauty.

You also get a fantastic introduction to the comic by Ian Livingston who talks about his inspiration and how he developed the original Freeway Fighter as a game book.

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