In Review: Freedom Fighters: The Ray Movie

The Freedom Fighters, comprised of The Ray, Black Condor, Phantom Lady, Red Tornado, Dollman, and Blitzkrieg fight to rescue refugees from the New Reich on Earth-X.

Synopsis: The Freedom Fighters, comprised of The Ray, Black Condor, Phantom Lady, Red Tornado, Dollman, and Blitzkrieg fight to rescue refugees from the New Reich on Earth-X.

Review: At last UK fans of the CW DC Universe get to see what their American counterparts have been able to view for months on CW SEED. ‘Freedom Fighters: The Ray’ is comprised of all the animated shorts that only fans in the US and Canada could view on CW’s streaming service. And it acts as a wonderful tie in with the TV shows by expanding a little on the world and the characters that we were introduced to in ‘Crisis On Earth X’.

The Story

While trying to get a bunch of refugees to safety by covering their escape from Under Girl and her Nazi minions. The Ray witnesses the death of his friend Red Tornado and is critically injured himself. Knowing that he has to protect Red Tornado’s memory drive The Ray is sent to Earth One by Vibe but dies on arrival only for his powers to the transferred to his Earth-One counterpart, Ray Terrill.

At a running time of just over an hour and seventeen minutes. The movie is bookended by action on Earth X while the middle section is all about Ray Terrill learning to deal with his newfound superpowers while also struggling with how and when to tell his parents that he is gay.

The coming out storyline at times felt a little forced at times and it was only really the brief romance story that kind of saved it.

All that said. This is a fun story and I loved the few scenes we got of The Ray working alongside Arrow, The Flash and Vixen as they fend off a giant robot.

The Animation

The animation is pretty decent. I really loved the lighting effect used for when The Ray was in flight and I absolutely loved the battle with the Giant Robot and the whole look and feel of Earth X.

The Voice Acting

Russell Tovey, who is best known to science fiction fans for his role in the original UK version of ‘Being Human’ as well as for his guest role in ‘Doctor Who’ is fantastic as both Ray Terrill and The Ray. I loved how he voiced the excitement of suddenly getting superpowers as well as the anxiety connected with learning to use them right.

The rest of the voice cast is also really strong and it was great to have Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin and the other cast members from the TV shows provide their voices for the animated versions of their characters.


This is a must for fans of the CW TV shows and also a lot of fun to see The Ray’s storyline expanded on given that we didn’t get to see too much of the character in ‘Crisis on Earth X’

Freedom Fighters: The Ray Movie
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