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Starring Ryan Reynolds as Guy, Free Guy (2021) concerns a now sentient AI program. Furthermore, the creators of Guy come to learn
Free Guy

Synopsis: Starring Ryan Reynolds as Guy, Free Guy (2021) concerns a now sentient AI program. Furthermore, the creators of Guy come to learn of his developments. And soon, Guy takes the world by storm, with some hilarious but also lasting consequences . . .



Guy’s life is pretty much the exact same day on repeat . . .That is until he meets Molotov Girl, whose real name is Millie (Jodie Comer). The relationship between the two cleverly provides a way for Free Guy to act as an extended conceit for how we all view the “online” world. This allows a wonderful dynamic to emerge, between the film’s two central stars, Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer. And so, that relationship drives the action and is the root of the plot. However, because Millie also exists in the world outside the game she must inform that Guy that him and everything he’s ever known isn’t real. Yet,, the very concept of what is or isn’t real is smartly analyzed.


Ryan Reynolds is his usual comedy-genius self, and greatly impresses. But he’s not the only one to do so. In fact, everyone puts in wonderful performance. Jodie Comer’s American accent is totally impeccable, and Taika Waititi does superbly as the film’s villain. Also, it’s only fair to give a special mention to Channing Tatum, too. His role is little more than a cameo, but it is fantastically fun.


CGI & Effects

The effects in Free Guy are a testament to the vision of the film. Initially it’s a little jarring to watch a film that looks more like a computer game, but eventually it’s the way it’s worked into the story that really draws you into the world. There’s nothing truly groundbreaking, visually, but there are plenty of scenes that use the effects to great creative impact. And, to make great comedy, too.


Perhaps one way to describe Free Guy might be to say it’s a comedy version of The Matrix (1999). But that’s not really accurate. In terms of the game as a plot device there were similarities to the recently reviewed movie, Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021). Ultimately, Free Guy is a feel good comedy, that incorporates a love story. Whilst the film isn’t really a seriously philosophical take on A.I., aspects of sentience were prominent, and morality issues. However, you can certainly rest assured that you’ll definitely laugh out loud more than once. It’s the combination of superbly written humour and a love for the characters in this film that ensure it’s a winning formula.


Free Guy is in cinema now and also available to watch on IMAX, at selected venues.

Free Guy
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