In Review: Freaky

Freaky (2021) is essentially a "body-swap" movie. However, there's a twist to the usual set-up. Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton

Synopsis: Freaky (2021) is essentially a “body-swap” movie. However, there’s a twist to the usual set-up. Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton play a serial killer and a high-school student, respectively. A mystical dagger sees them swap bodies with one another . . .



The only way to fairly assess movies like Freaky is on their own terms. So, that means accepting it’s a film that relies on tropes of more than one genre. However, the fantasy element is only really a plot device. Once the main set-up is over the film should be all about the laughs. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many genuinely hilarious bits as the trailer seemed to promise. However, that said, there’s still enough fun to make sure that it’s watchable, but not an instant classic. Even Vince Vaughn’s legendary comedy skills  can’t elevate it to much more than just a daft yarn. But that’s ok, and perhaps all it was meant to be. It just could have been much funnier.


As mentioned, Vince Vaughn brings the all important physical comedy to the film. But it’s Kathryn Newton who is the more impressive, as she plays the part of a serial killer. The difference between possessed Millie and herself is absolutely clear, which the role required. In support as Millie’s two friends are Celeste O’Connor and Misha Osherovich, who both perform well enough.

CGI & Effects

If SciFiPulse did awards for best effects the Freaky wouldn’t score terribly high. But, there were some good comedy deaths, and the gore was well balanced as to remain laughable, and not scary or too sickening. And, the “magical” bits were also handled suitably, too


Freaky was never going to be exceptional. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been funnier. Perhaps the over reliance on traditional horror/slasher movie tropes was why. Consequently, it meant that the film took itself a little bit too seriously, at times. So, not one to watch and re-watch maybe, but if you’re a fan of cheesy horror films then this is worth a whirl. Just don’t expect to laugh out loud all the way through. It’s going to take some real hardcore fans to keep this one from becoming forgettable, quite quickly.


Freaky is still showing at certain cinemas now in the U.K and, and is available as a premium extra from Amazon in the U.S.A. 

In Review: Freaky
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