In Review: Foundation (S2 – EP8) The Last Empress

Enjoiner Rue confides in Dusk about her distrust of Demerzel.

Synopsis: In The Last Empress, Enjoiner Rue confides in Dusk about her distrust of Demerzel. Hober Mallow pulls a daring move. Day sets course for Terminus and the Foundation.


The Story

Ejoiner Rue reveals her distrust of Demerzel to Dusk who questions her misgivings about the Android Maidon. However, when Ejoiner Rue pushes Dusk about his beliefs surrounding Demerzal it becomes apparent that part of his memory about her purpose and origins has been wiped. To that end, Ejoiner Rue reveals that her people have a method of restoring lost memories and offers it to him.

Elsewhere on Trantor preparations are being made for the execution of The Clerics from Terminus. Brothers Polly and Constant are to be executed without trial and it will be very public. But as the execution is about take place Hober Mallow swoops in and manages to save Constant from literally losing her head, but fails to save Polly who remains a prisoner of the Empire. Offended and somewhat unsettled by these events. Day makes ready to travel to Terminus and the Foundation.

Meanwhile, Day’s bride-to-be  Queen Sareth follows through on her plans to have Dawn’s child with a view to trying to pass it off as Days. Elsewhere, Enjoiner Rue and Dusk find a secret part of the palace where they learn the truth about Demerzel who has been the constant Maidon of the Empire since Cleon the 1st. However she is only adviser to Day and not to Dawn or Dusk. And it seems that whenever Day becomes Dusk. A memory wipe is done. 

On Ignus. Gaal is in serious danger from Tellem Bond who plans to take all of her power and her life force and with Salvor locked in a cell that is blocking her powers it is looking somewhat bleak. 


The Acting

Lee Pace puts in a solid performance as Day and the scenes where Hober Mallow swoops in and strikes at the very heart of the Empire and Day’s reaction to that are priceless. The fear etched on Day’s face when confronted by Becky who tries to make a chew toy out of him is priceless. And an amazing piece of acting considering that Pace was likely reacting to a tennis ball that would be subbed in for the CGI monster. We also got a great performance from Isabella Laughland as Brother Constant. The scene where she says her prayers while awaiting execution is brilliantly done and is very believable.

Terrence Mann and Sandra Yi Sencindiver also prove to be really solid as Dusk and Enjoiner Rue set about trying to solve the mystery behind Demerzel’s role as permanent advisor to The Empire.



The Last Empress builds on events from previous weeks and gives us some backstory about the war between Robots and Humans while also revealing the trigger event for the war between Empire and the Foundation. To say that things a building to another big season finale would be an understatement. I’m really looking forward to seeing where all of this goes.

Foundation (S2 - EP8) The Last Empress
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