In Review: Foundation (S1 – EP9) The First Crisis

Salvor witnesses how powerful the null field has become. Brother Dawn makes a daring choice.

Synopsis: In The First Crisis. Salvor witnesses how powerful the null field has become. Brother Dawn makes a daring choice.


The Story

Having escaped from the Anacreons in the last episode. Salvor reconnects with Hugo and they return to Terminus. As she lands she finds all the people unconscious or dead and with a crystal, she somehow opens up the Null Field, which reveals an entrance. However, just before she is able to explore it she gets interrupted by the remaining Anacreons.

Back on Trantor Brother Dawn makes the choice to abandon his royal home for a real-life with Azura. Completely besotted with her Brother Dawn is willing to drop all his royal pomp and be with her. But it all turns out to be a trap when Azura reveals herself to be a member of the resistance that wishes to replace him with a clone that they have made of Cleon the First, which will take the Royal House down from within. 


The Acting

We get some brilliant performances in this episode. Cassian Bilton is fantastic as Brother Dawn and we get to see him play two different versions. The imperfect clone that has fallen for Azura and the one that the resistance has bred, which is far superior in every way. The reveal of the plot is brilliantly done as is Brother Dawn’s reaction to it. We also get a great performance from Terrence Mann as a ruthless Brother Dusk who sees right through Brother Dawn’s deception. The scene where Dusk reveals that he knew everything that was happening is brilliantly done.



The First Crisis delivers just that. A real crisis, which makes way for some brilliant plot twists and developments as the story of the colonists on Terminus evolves. We also get to see how ruthless the Cleon Royals house is as we see Brother Dusk take down a plot to dethrone them. I also really enjoyed the revelation as to what the Null Field on Terminus was hiding.

Foundation (S1 - EP9) The First Crisis
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