In Review: Foundation (S1 – EP3) The Mathematician’s Ghost

The Foundation arrives on Terminus and finds a mysterious object.

Synopsis: In The Mathematician’s Ghost. Brother Dusk reflects on his legacy as he prepares for ascension. The Foundation arrives on Terminus and finds a mysterious object.


The Story

It has been 30 years since Hari Seldon’s colonists broke ground on Terminus. And on Trantor Brother Dusk reflects on his life and wonders if the correct decisions were made during his reign. As he prepares for his ascension to make way for the birth of the new Brother Dawn. He confesses all his niggling doubts about past decisions to the android Demerzel who has been around for 400 years. 

Meanwhile on Terminus. Salvor Hardin has completed another patrol of the outskirts of the township and learned that the mysterious object, which no one seems to be able to approach except for her is extending his range outward. She reports the news to her father and mother and is concerned that the colony may have to move on. However, things take a dramatic turn when three ships from one of the Periphery worlds to land on Terminus. Which is an illegal act. The arrival of these ships spurs Salvor into arming the colonists whose leadership does not seem to be taking her seriously. 


The Acting

Leah Harvey puts in a pretty strong performance as Salvor who gets a lot more to do this week. Last week she was only featured briefly. We also get nice performances from Clarke Peters as Abbas and Nikol Kollars as Jacenta who are the two scientists of the colony. I really enjoyed the scene where Jacenta talks with Salvor about the Gaal and the other scientist that they traveled with that understood Seldon’s psychohistory. As it seems that the colonists are sort of making it up as they go based on a more limited understanding of Seldon’s work.



I found The Mathematician’s Ghost rather slow. The scenes at the start with Brother Dusk worked pretty well and I did enjoy the music score that punctuated his ascension, but I found the jump ahead of 30 years from where we left off last week to be quite jarring. As we didn’t really see what fate befell Gaal after the murder of Seldon. That said. I’m pretty sure we’ll find out in the weeks ahead as this story seems to be unfolding in a similar way to how the first season of West World did things. In that, we are leap-frogging over various different time periods.

Hopefully, it will get a little easier to follow as my brain makes the adjustment. Overall The Mathematician’s Ghost does what it sets out to do. But is rather slow going.

Foundation (S1 - EP3) The Mathematician's Ghost
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