In Review: Forgotten Runes: Wizard’s Cult #4

Who is Chronomancer George of Dreams and what is he trying to tell the reader?

Synopsis: Forgotten Runes: Wizard’s Cult begins as a seemingly unconnected series of magical tales about powerful wizards, gradually merging into a legendary saga.

Who is Chronomancer George of Dreams and what is he trying to tell the reader? Visions of the past, premonitions of the future – or something far more sinister that threatens the very fabric of the Runiverse itself!

The Story

While trudging through the snow. A very tired Alchemist Properpine runs into a Portal and a snake called Spiner who invites her to a store. As she enters the portal Properpine finds herself in shop full of magical artifacts, which is run by Magus Devon. Devon gives Properpine some snow shoes and only asks that she share a story with her. So properpine proceeds to tell the story of her Apprenticeship under the tutelage of Alchemist Danny and how it led to her having to trudge through the snow.



Reilly Brown’s artwork throughout this book is fantastic. I really loved the character drawing of Properpine as well as the various locations that she goes too. The look and feel of Alchemist Danny’s laboratory has a fantastic steampunk look to it as do most of the characters in this story. 

There’s a great sequence in the book where Properpine meets a man who needs help with is Horse. However when the man tries to tell her about meeting a man called Godfrey a snake comes out of his mouth and chokes him in the process. Its quite a fun and somewhat scary visual.



I continue to enjoy this series and how all the stories within are seemingly one shots. It will be interesting to see how the stories we have seen thus far link together in future issues.

Overall a fun read with some really fun characters.

Forgotten Runes: Wizard's Cult #4
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