In Review: Forgotten Runes: Wizard’s Cult #3

Who is Chronomancer George of Dreams and what is he trying to tell the reader?

Synopsis: This issue of Wizard’s Cult poses an interesting question. Who is Chronomancer George of Dreams and what is he trying to tell the reader? Visions of the past, premonitions of the future – or something far more sinister that threatens the very fabric of the Runiverse itself?!?


The Story

This month’s story focuses on a Wizard called Alizam who after defeating a Cockatrice at great personal cost. He swears an oath to protect its unborn egg. After over 900 nights Alizam gest a mysterious visitor who helps him deal with the grief of losing his dog during the fight with the Cockatrice.


The Artwork

Reilly Brown produces some stunning artwork for this story. I enjoyed the opening few panels in which we see Alizam behead a giant cobra in order to protect the Cockatrice’s unhatched egg. Also good was the artwork where we see Alizam’s magical battle with the Cockatrice. I particularly loved how Brown illustrated the magical energy swirling around as it springs out of Alizam’s hands. Added to all this is the drawing of the cockatrice, which is a cross between a giant chicken and a dinosaur. I loved the look of it and I’m intrigued to learn about what other magical creatures exist in this magical world.



This issue is a story about grief and the power that it can have over you. In this story Alizam is struggling with the loss of his dog and uses his oath to guard the Cockatrice’s egg as a means to help him process his grief. Only it doesn’t seem to be working. It’s not until the arrival of the Wizard Wazir that Alizam begins to heal by being given the opportunity to share his grief. I loved the final few pages where Wazir offers Alizam a way in which he can reframe his grief as honoring the who he has lost as opposed to being consumed by the grief.

Overall. This was a really cool story that spoke to me on quite a few levels.

Forgotten Runes: Wizard's Cult #3
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