In Review: Fear the Walking Dead’s ‘Weak’

Even in the zombie apocalypse hope can still spring eternal.

This week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead from AMC, entitled, ‘Weak‘, focused around two more of season four’s newest cast members, June (Jenna Elfman)and Al’s (Maggie Grace), and interestingly, was directed by long time series regular and original cast member, Coleman Domingo, who plays Victor Strand.

This episode, June and Al struggle to find their friends and to simply stay alive within the shelter of Al’s armored SWAT vehicle, amid the constant struggle to locate food and water, all while surviving on the perilous road, fraught with zombies, abandoned vehicles, disease, and people just trying to take all that you have, mixed in with a lot of fear and hopelessness. But the episode also hides a message of hopeful humanity, saying that if you look heard enough, you can still find kindness, charity, concern, and even the love for your fellow human, which you have been denying so long in the name of survival.

As in week’s past, FTWD’s epsiode focused on another aspect of season four’s newest cast as they struggle to survive in the aftermath of a deadly hurricane, which has separated them far and wide across the highways of Texas. Looking to be reunited with her love John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt), June keeps fighting against the odds to also keep her newly rekindled humanity, in a theme that the show’s producers keep playing at, redemption and not wanting to abandon those you love.

Even Al fights a seemingly unwinnable battle against herself, to keep the memory alive of those she oved, whose story she has memorialized in the video tapes she has been recording since the world collapsed and the dead began to walk the Earth. Likewise, Morgan (Lennie James) fights to keep his own hope alive by keeping his newly found faith in doing the right thing for others, as he searches for high ground to send out his message of hope via walkie talkie to his friends whom he knows are out there, just as Rick at one time did for him.

Through the straggling zombies on the road, Al’s sickness and search for her SWAT vehicle by June, and the wickedness of FTWD’s newest female villain who has a pet zombie, June and Al still manage to find their way to Morgan with his new found friends on their way back to Alexandria, while leaving supplies on the side of the road for those travelers and survivors in need.

‘Weak’ was yet another example of a greatly renewed and worth watching Fear The Walking Dead, which at its core is about the resurrection of all those things that are best about humanity, rather than the worse traits of humanity, which the apocalypse has a tendency to bring out.


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