In Review: Fear the Walking Dead’s “Laura” 5th episode of the 4th season

Last night's epsiode was a true romance within the zombie apocalypse that did not disappoint!

The Walking Dead’s sister AMC series, Fear the Walking Dead has delivered yet another great episode of a what can now be classified as a successfully reinvented series. Season four’s fifth episode entitled, “Laura” took another turn into the recent past in order to explore and flesh out John Dorie’s (Garret Dillahunt) character and back story, as well as the much discussed relationship with the missing love of his life, Naomi/Laura (Jenna Elfman), whom John has been searching for.

While we have found out in last week’s episode of FTWD that Naomi/Laura was potentially killed when the group’s baseball stadium sanctuary was overrun, in last nights episode, we see a grieving John retelling the love story of his time with Naomi/Laura, after the fall of civilization and the rising of the dead.

Plain and simply, last night’s episode was the telling of a true romance within the zombie apocalypse that did not disappoint! While there was not too much zombie zombie action, there was just enough to add the right element of action, horror, and gore to John’s tragic yet romantic apocalyptic love story.

Likewise, seeing this back story played out, also served to give more substance to Jenna Elfman’s Naomi/Laura character, reinforcing her closed off and solitary character who is reluctant to let anyone get too close. In a tender moment of sorrow, we even see Laura tell John that she lost her child, which helps the viewer partially understand why she refuses to let anyone get too close to her in the apocalypse.

Even though their love affair was all to brief; the chemistry, dependence, and attachment between John and Laura was undeniable and as lovely as a love story can be when the dead are walking the Earth. And by the end of the episode, the viewer comes away with a whole new understanding and affection for both John and Laura.

The story as told by John to Morgan (Lennie James) also seemed to have touched Morgan’s broken heart, as he knows all too well the kind of loss the post apocalyptic world promises to its survivors. John’s words and story seemed to stir alive the human being in Morgan once again, with Morgan telling John that they can’t waist anymore time, in order to begin living life, in spite of the Dead. One of the most memorable images from last night’s episode was the team of Morgan and John walking off into the zombie sunset, as if with renewed purpose.

Laura” was not only fun and entertaining to watch, but Fear the Walking Dead is dare I say, fast becoming just as good as Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead.

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