In review: Fear The Walking Dead ‘The Dog’

'The Dog' was clearly another step in the right zombie direction as Fear The Walking Dead is clearly becoming more of zombie apocalypse show with each passing episode.

This past Sunday’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead on AMC entitled, ‘The Dog’ was clearly another step in the right zombie direction as Fear The Walking Dead is clearly becoming more of zombie apocalypse show with each passing episode.

In fact, my sense is that where Robert Kirkman’sThe Walking Dead ongoing AMC series began roughly a month after Rick Grimes got shot and woke up into the nightmare zombie apocalypse, with the subsequent fall of civilization already having taken place; Fear The Walking Dead seems to be beginning and potentially ending this first season of six episodes with those lost thirty days of humanity’s fall currently being laid out in full zombie regalia and dark beauty in these first six episodes of what is sure to be a great zombie AMC show.

By the third episode of Fear The Walking Dead, ‘The Dog’ finally takes the veiwer a very good step forward into the unavoidable  zombie end of days by showing how easy our much vaunted society can in fact break down and leave humanity much more helpless than it cares to admit it truly is when the end comes knocking on our doorstep.

In fact, as the show’s leading character Travis, as played by Cliff Curtis, is driving his pick-up truck to the relative and perceived safety of his new family and home, after having made a get away from the riots beginning to engulf downtown Los Angeles; we see the power go off across the city and the look on Travis’ face suggests one’s deepest fears about the end of the world beginning to truly be realized, even if only quietly to oneself.

Likewise, another well placed and telling scene from the episode was seeing the strung out and rather selfish Nick, as played by Frank Dillane, look up only to see a passenger jet liner make a rather awkward and seemingly dangerous turn in mid air, which would suggest a zombie struggle unfolding within. Just the suggestion alone, without having to see the plane crash was quite a fun part of the episode.

We also get to see at least four separate zombie incidents, all of which were fun and exciting, with two having to deal with anyone’s friends and neighbors turning and needing to be put down in such a way that begins the survivor’s transition from normal life to survival in any given apocalyptic scenario.

Those social and acceptable rules that apply during everyday boring civilization and those new rules and ways of life that apply once all reason and civility are replaced with the crumbling of society and the coming of the dead seems to be exactly what we are seeing play out in Fear The Walking Dead.

The Dog‘ was a great episode of the spreading zombie virus and the practical ways in which the world dies when the end is near and the dead are rising, in such a way that we all know will be unable to be stopped, even with the coming of the military, which is what we saw by the end of the series third episode.

Fear the Walking Dead will only continue to get batter in the remaining three episodes we have left, with those already ravenous fans of both the genre and the AMC/Kirkman franchise appetite only being soothed by the much anticipated and welcome season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC three and a half weeks from now on Sunday, October 11th, 2015.


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