In Review: Fame-ish

A film that is definitely a must see for rampant anime fans.

Synopsis: A washed-up voice director succumbs to the pitfalls of a small-time celebrity at an anime convention.


The Story

Down on his luck, Jeff Nimoy has hit a career time slump having burned his bridges with the Anime community. But when a phone call comes with an invitation for him to be a guest at Geekcon 12 in Wisconson he jumps at the chance for what he sees as an easy $3000 but is rather reluctant to spend time with the fans due to his germophobia.

Things change when he starts to mingle with the other guests, which include well-known voice actors Nikki Boyer, Lex Lang, and Brian Donovan. White reconnecting with Brian and Lex he slowly falls in love with Nikki but isn’t completely honest with her about his indiscretions.


The Acting

Jeff Nimoy, who wrote, directed and stars in this movie does a great job of parodying himself and the world of the anime convention scene, which plays host to a lot of wacky misadventures that work brilliantly for a screwball romantic comedy. The chemistry between Nimoy and his fellow voice actors is superb. You can tell that everyone is having a blast. Nikki Boyer provides an excellent love interest and the romance that plays out feels very natural, which makes it quite dramatic and funny when Jeff gets caught out somewhat.

I loved the bickering and games of one-upmanship between Jeff and Brian Donovan when they’re talking about past events as well as talking about how much they each got paid.



This is a fun little comedy that most Anime will enjoy for its many references to Jeff Nimoy’s many roles. Some of which he performs during the film as well as a pretty fun impersonation of Donald Trump. Nimoy has fun with playing a more jaded and cynical version of himself for the film and the storyline manages to work a lot of great character beats and fun moments into the film.

I loved the soundtrack for this film with all the bands, and hope that Jeff is able to get copyright license and permission from the bands to create a Fame-ish soundtrack because I’d most likely buy it.

Overall. A fun comedy that is worth the watch if you are anybody that has ever been too or taken part in a fan-run convention.

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