In Review: Falcon and The Winter Soldier – The Star-Spangled Man (S1 – Ep2)

 We're introduced to John Walker (Wyatt Russell) the new Captain America, a.k.a. "The Star Spangled Man". But Bucky (Sebastian Stan)
"The Star Spangled Man".

Synopsis: We’re introduced to John Walker (Wyatt Russell) the new Captain America, a.k.a. “The Star Spangled Man”. But Bucky (Sebastian Stan) and Sam (Anthony Mackie) are less than happy about him. As a result they agree to go it alone, to fight crime . . .



“The Star-Spangled Man” finally sees Sam (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky (Sebastian Stan) unite. However, what we get is a tense pact. Whilst last week’s series opener, New World Order didn’t, this week we started to see what SciFiPulse felt we might. Before the show begun, we published Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Some Predictions. certainly, we saw some great banter, in the “marriage guidance scene”. A great way to show that for an audience to care about characters’ relationships, then we need to see them grow closer, first.

The introduction of secrets worked really well, this week, especially that of Isaiah Bradley (Carl Lumbly). We’re likely to see more things about the past revealed, considering that at the end of the episode we saw the reintroduction of Zemo (Daniel Bruhl). So, “The Star-Spangled Man” was a great episode to set up what looks to be both an action-packed adventure, and an emotional one, too.



Whilst the show’s two stars were again wonderful, it must be said that Wyatt Russell did a great job of playing a character we’re meant to dislike. It’s not easy to get that right, but Russell managed to. As a result, it means we’re one hundred per cent behind our new favourite crime fighting duo. So, extra credit to Russell to help make the most important aspect of the show work as it needs to.

CGI & Effects

Great to see the legendary symbol of Captain America’s Mighty Shield. May The Verse Be With You brought you that fun poem, a while ago. Great to see tech-wizardry bring it to life again, on screen. Watching it fly and then return is always a great visual treat!


Essentially, we saw the formula of two grumpy, reluctantly partnered cops, squabbling. Disney writers sure do know their formulas, and how to make them work! Furthermore, now that they have again “gone rogue”, they’ll have to find a way to get on. “The Star-Spangled Man” showed us how they’ll be operating in. And, to add some spice they’re both actually vulnerable, to very real threats.

Other aspects of the show that worked fantastically are the ways it deals with the issue of institutional racism, within the fabric of American society. We are seeing a nuanced, considered version of positive representation. The story of the show is what comes first, and then is brilliantly added to by scenes such as the police making assumptions about Sam Wilson. This sort of scene is what will help to give us Sam’s journey towards being Captain America. It will likely be a very different one than that of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans).



Falcon and The Winter Soldier airs Fridays, on DisneyPlus. running for six episodes, over six weeks. To help celebrate the launch, May The Verse Be With You published “Stucky”, to coincide with episode one., and this week “On Your Left“, too. 
Falcon and The Winter Soldier - The Star-Spangled Man (S1 - Ep2)
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