In Review: Falcon and The Winter Soldier – New World Order (S1 – Ep1)

Falcon and The Winter Soldier brings us the next chapter in the lives of two more MCU heroes. Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie)
Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Synopsis: Falcon and The Winter Soldier brings us the next chapter in the lives of two more MCU heroes. Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and “Bucky” Barnes (Sebstian Stan) must find their way to cope in a world now without Captain America (Chris Evans).



We saw some of what we predicted, in our very recent feature, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Some Predictions. For example, the impact of the gap left by the absence of Captain America (the Chris Evans version). But we also saw the goings on of the private lives of the two stars of Falcon and The Winter Soldier. The debut episode looked to set the tone, as we explore their back stories, and how they’ll cope going forward. Furthermore, we got an important insight into the aspect of psychological well-being, as a crucial role for heroes. Also, world being unstable, and a general feeling of loss and uncertainty really resonated. A relevant theme, for right now.


Two very different characters, each dealing with their own problems. Anthony Mackie showed us another side to Sam Wilson, as he gave a convincing performance that showed authentic family squabbling, and associated stresses. As for “Bucky”, Sebastian Stan was also convincing. Less the brooding darkness we’ve seen so far, and more a genuine frailty, beneath the icy exterior of a tough guy.

CGI & Effects

The opening shots used aerial photography to powerful effect. At times, it really felt like we were seeing stuff from the perspective of The Falcon. Also, great to have an even more advanced Red Wing,. The onboard missiles firing was particularly impressive to see.


Whilst they could never have known it, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is very much a show for today. We are indeed living in uncertain times. And “the blip” now has extra resonance, as we face post Covid-19 recovery. But that aside, the debut episode mixed drama with action, well. And, we haven’t even gotten to see the two main characters reunite yet. We have that to look forward to . . .

By the end of the episode we got a real glimpse of what the new MCU will feel like. Especially so from a human perspective. Captain America has always been the way we ground ourselves, as humans, within a story-world awash with aliens, and vastly powered beings. Now, we need a new hero, and a new way to connect to the ideals, because the world is very different now. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the razor-sharp writing from the team who create MCU. A strong opener, and offering of fun, drama and action.


Falcon and The Winter Soldier airs Friday, on DisneyPlus. running for six episodes, over six weeks. To help celebrate the launch, May The Verse Be With You published “Stucky”, to coincide with episode one. Look out for a Falcon poem, swooping your way soon . . .
Falcon and The Winter Soldier (S1 - Ep1) - New World Order
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