In Review: Falcon and The Winter Soldier – One World, One People (S1 Ep6)

"One World, One People" brings the debut season to its dramatic conclusion, as Sam (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky (Sebastian Stan)
"The Star Spangled Man".

Synopsis: “One World, One People” brings the debut season to its dramatic conclusion, as Sam (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky (Sebastian Stan) must try to stop Karli Morgenthau (Erin Kellyman). So, consequently, things become majorly explosive . . .



Following on from last week’s penultimate episode, “Truth”, we see the big finale. Most of the episode is centred around the action at the governmental meeting. But running alongside the action are the character arcs of pretty much every important character who’s appeared in the show. For example, John Walker (Wyatt Russell) and Karli Morgenthau (Erin Kellyman). But their final fight meant that both were opposing forces. As a result we the tension was there, in exactly the way which it needed to be. Some great writing.

Using the “politics of the  blip” really worked, because this allowed some important developments within the MCU. “One World, One People” gave us conflict, via the turmoil of the characters. And, there was also some hugely significant themes, relating to the real world, today. Stories should reflect what’s really going on, therefore reflecting issues facing fans of the show, in this case. Although, doing it well isn’t easy, but fortunately this vital aspect of the show is absolutely nailed, helped by the awesome performance of Anthony Mackie, amongst others. In may ways, his character arc helped to establish the show’s themes, as well their relevance.



Anthony Mackie excelled, during this episode. He showed that being the hero often means you have to sacrifice individuality. Yet, you also have to be the shining example. His speech at the end of the episode really captured these two opposing ideals. He made them co-exist, and did so with conviction. Also, Karl Lumbly as Isaiah Bradley helped that to come through. Karl Lumbly, managed to make silence be what it should be, for a truly strong and imposing character on screen. His being there was more than enough, fortunately.



CGI & Effects

Sam’s new suit (courtesy of the Wakandans) was the stand out element in terms of effects. It played a part in his further character development. We said that the show would develop the characters, when we published The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Some Predictions. To see his appearance made a part of that was really cool. It looked absolutely fantastic. That much is absolutely certain.



A great finale, from “One World, One People”. The show was had a lot of ground to cover, in the first season. It had to balance, then reconcile, multiple character arcs. Of course, ensuring that Sam’s story was central was vital. This episode did so. His speech was heartfelt and also historically significant, too. Whilst they’re by no means perfect at it, comic world have always attempted to ensure that minorities have representation. Often, they’ve do so before other mediums have. This was a wonderful example that occurred.

Perhaps the “big twist” was Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) being “The Power Broker”. This was a wonderful way to further explore her character. Everything might not be as it seems, though . . . Could she be deep undercover? That certainly seems feasible. It might even tie in with the continuation of the Flag Smashers arc, going forward. One thing we know for certain is the MCU loves to keep us guessing. We look forward to finding out, and of course seeing more of Sam and Bucky, too, hopefully sooner, rather than later.


Falcon and The Winter Soldier airs Fridays, on DisneyPlus. running for six episodes, over six weeks. To help celebrate the launch, May The Verse Be With You published “Stucky”, to coincide with episode one., and this week “On Your Left“, too.

In Review: Falcon and The Winter Soldier - One World, One People (S1 Ep6)
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