In Review: Faith #8

Faith ain't afraid of no ghost...well, maybe just a bit.

Synopsis: As a member of both the Renegades and Unity, Faith has witnessed a great deal of tragedy. Always the optimist, the valiant hero (see what I did there?) has always persevered. That is until ghosts from her past begin to haunt her. Like, literal ghosts of her loved ones and former teammates who have died. Will Faith unravel the mystery as to why these specters have materialized after all this time? What will topple Faith first? The ghosts or the guilt?

Review: What I loved about Faith #8 is the fundamental question it asks. How does an eternal optimist stay optimistic in the face of adversity. The titular character has had more than her fair share of tragedy, yet Faith has always been the emotional heart of any team she has ever been on. The ghosts that have been haunting Faith are painful reminders of all the people she has lost over the years. They are the manifestation of the burden of survivor’s guilt she has always carried. With the help of a friend, Faith confronts her emotions and ghosts. The reveal of said ghosts were a nice touch, and the villain causing the mischief is a great throwback. It really drives home the point that writer Jody Houser really knows how to convey complex ideas in fun and interesting ways.

Joe Eisma is the perfect artist for this issue. This issue jumps from serious to silly at breakneck speeds, and Eisma doesn’t miss a beat. The character of Paige is a prime example of this. The expressions on her face was one of the big highlights of this issue. The panel where Paige grabs Faith and bolts out the door is perfect. I think the book really benefits from Eisma’s particular talents.

Faith #8 is was a delight to read. The entire series has been a funny and smart dive into one of Valiant’s strongest characters. Houser and Eisma really understand what makes this character and series work. With the right balance of seriousness, wit and levity, Faith is a series that delivers a fun and fresh take on a character who should be disillusioned with the world around her, yet she perseveres.


Faith #8
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