In Review: F9 – The Fast Saga

A strong showing from F9 - The Fast Saga in what's a ridiculously implausible romp
F9 - The Fast Saga

Synopsis: F9 – The Fast Saga (2021) sees Vin Diesel return as Dominic Toretto. He’s joined by other familiar faces from the popular franchise. This time, him and the crew must face off against a new enemy, resulting in hugely high-octane and explosive action . . .



For a film that’s mostly a escapist caper, there’s a lot going on, narratively. There’s the main storyline, which sees Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) take on his estranged brother, Jakob (John Cena). The pair are racing one another to find a super-powerful device, each for different reasons. So, this does give the film a sort of “Spy-fi” element, so it’s certainly worthy of a SciFiPulse Review. But also there’s the usual themes of family being explored, and this allows us to further explore the backstory of central protagonist, Dominic Toretto.

Other important aspects of the story in F9 – The Fast Saga enable us to focus on other characters. For example we see Letty (Michelle Rodriguez)deal with the fact that living off the grid isn’t quite that easy, especially when you crave the “old life”. Also, the references made by Roman (Tyrese Gibson) to their “invincibility” shows that the franchise has now reached the point where it can almost break the fourth wall. Yet, the cheesiness and utter implausibility only make the film even more fun. It’s certainly one giant helping of that!


Films like F9 – The Fast Saga rely on good, strong characters. So, that requires the subsequent actors to make sure they deliver. The cast, this time around, did a great job of playing what have become a much loved mob of rag-tag heroes. Whilst there were no absolute knock-out individual performances, nobody was lacking. A great show from everyone involved, including the villains, too.

Action & Stunts

Without doubt the strongest aspect of the film. This time around things looked truly spectacular. Outside of the Mission Impossible and James Bond movies, this franchise is the best there is, for explosive action sequences and high end stunts. There’s just so many of them, and the choreography’s absolutely top notch. The car chases are epic affairs, managing to surpass previous ones.


A strong showing from F9 – The Fast Saga in what’s a ridiculously implausible romp. That’s why the formula works, because you just sit back and enjoy the breathlessly relentless action. In some ways the plot is almost just an as well as. That said, there is some decent writing on offer, too. Story strands from previous movies are tied up, and also events are clearly setting up what will happen in the next film. It was truly touching to see an emotional tribute paid to the character in the franchise played by the late Paul Walker, who first helped to establish the films in his pivotal role as Brian O’Conner. That really gave the theme of family an even stronger presence.



F9 – The Fast Saga is in cinemas now

In Review: F9 - The Fast Saga
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