In Review: Excalibur (2019-) #7


Synopsis:  Excalibur faces an old foe – this time as the hunters rather than the game.

Review: Excalibur begins a new story arc while picking up some of the pieces from recent events.

The Story

Betsy Braddock is getting used to her new role as Captain Britain and given that Brian refuses to retake that mantle. It’s just as well that Betsy is sane enough of mind to protect Avalon and Britain. But she also has duties to Krakoa, which sees Apocalypse tasking her with obtaining the heads of some Warwolves for some magic that he is planning, but in order to get these Warwolves, the team must join an old fashioned hunt, which is being held by Cullen Bloodstone.

The Artwork

Wilton Santos takes over the art duties and does a pretty decent job of it. I particularly enjoyed the series of panels where Pete Wisdom and Captain Britain try to obtain the Warwolves from London Zoo, but find out that they have been sold to Cullen Bloodstone. The facial expressions of the ZooKeeper who was very anti-mutant were brilliantly drawn. I also enjoyed the panels that depicted the actual hunt. Especially the moment when Rogue is attacked by a warwolf and has to pretty much struggle to remove one of her gloves so she can use her powers on it.


A pretty good start to a new story arc, but I haven’t got much clue as to what exactly Apocalypse wants with these warwolf heads he asked for, but I am sure that will become clear in future issues. I liked the introduction of Cullen Bloodstone, and not knowing the Marvelverse that well. I feel the need to look him up given that he has stolen my name. But by looks of things he is a rather interesting character. I also liked how the book pretty much begins by picking up some of the loose ends from the previous story arc. Things like Betsy burying Brians Sword.

Overall. There’s enough here for me to invest in future issues.

Excalibur (2019-) #7
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