In Review: Excalibur (2019-) #4

As the lighthouse grows, Apocalypse and Rictor must master the earth beneath their feet.

Synopsis: As the lighthouse grows, Apocalypse and Rictor must master the earth beneath their feet.

Review: The story continues and Betsy has to assuage the Queen’s concerns and pay a visit to the coven of Akaba.

The Story

This issue opens with Gambit watching over Rogue, but feeling helpless he heads to London where he meets with a hostile crowd who are against the mutants and the fact that Betsy is the new Captain Britain. We find out that the coven of Akaba has sewn some doubts about the legitimacy of Betsy Braddock’s claim to the mantle.  As Betsy leaves the palace she tells the crowd that she is the new Captain Britain and proceeds to pay a visit to the coven of Akaba to try and assuage their doubts.

Apocalypse sends Rictor and Gambit on a special mission to collect some crystals from deep underground, which will supposedly help him heal Rogue who is still in a deep sleep.

The Artwork

Marcus To pulls off some great work on this issue. I loved the opening few panels where we saw Gambit kneeling by Rogues side. I especially liked the way in which Rogue seemed to be ensconced in a see-through style coffin or bed that had a somewhat Sleeping Beuty type vibe to it.

I also enjoyed the panels where Rictor and Gambit have a run-in with some Druids and the whole sequence of events, which sees them collect the crystals that Apocalypse needs. Also good were the final few panels where we see various mythical monsters break through the barrier separating our world from the other world to see them looming ominously over some of Londons most iconic landmarks.


There was some really cool stuff in this issue. Writer Tim Howard seems to be setting up a huge challenge for Betsy Braddock to take on in the next issue where she will have to find a way to return all the mythical monsters back to their own realm and keep Britain safe, but how will she manage to do that with Akaba being against her as well as Morgan Le Fey? I guess we are going to have to wait and see, but it does look like Apocalypse may have a bigger role to play as the story moves forward.

Excalibur (2019-) #4
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