In Review: Excalibur (2019-) #3


Synopsis: THE GREEN EARTH TREMBLES! Captain Britain must face the truth about her brother and choose her path forward as MI-13 and the agents of the crown become aware of her ascension.

Review: Things are beginning to get interesting as MI-13 and Peter Wisdom are introduced.

The Story

With the UK not aware of the new Captain Britain. Morgan Le Fey orders her contact at the Witches of Akaba to make the various UK intelligence services aware.

A new mutant struggles with his powers and needs help to get to Krakoa.

Gambit, Jubilee, the new Captain Britain, and Shogo are now in Camelot and we have learned that baby Shogo is able to transform himself into a rather large dragon, which makes him useful to the mission, but also creates cause for concern from his mother Jubilee. The team sets about trying to find and rescue Brian Braddock in hopes that he can take back the mantle of Captain Britain from his sister, but when they find Brian. He has been transformed into a Black Knight and is under the thrall of Morgan Le Fey.


Marcus To provides his best rendering of a Dragon as we see Shogo in full flight and breathing proper dragons fire. The action beats in the panels of this book are fantastic and a true feast for the eyes. I particularly enjoyed the panels where Betsy Braddock sees her Brother as a Black Knight and works desperately to try and save him but is ultimately pulled back by Gambit and Jubilee.

I also enjoyed the sequence at the start of the issue where Morgan Le Fey is communicating with Marianna Stern via a magic mirror.


Tim Howard’s story moves forward at a nice pace and it will be interesting to learn if Betsy and the team will be able to save Brian and Rogue from their respective fates. I’m looking forward to seeing how Pete Wisdom and MI-13’s involvement will help or hinder them in the next issue.

Excalibur (2019-) #3
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