In Review: Excalibur (2019-) #26 OTHERWORLD FALLS!

OTHERWORLD FALLS! Merlyn and King Arthur have taken the Starlight Citadel.

Synopsis: OTHERWORLD FALLS! Merlyn and King Arthur have taken the Starlight Citadel. Saturnyne still lives – but not for long. Betsy Braddock must decide once and for all where her loyalties lie. It’s all been building to this – the fantasy ends here and reality rushes in. There is no haven for the witchbreed. Can they hold on to their champion, here at the twilight of an age?


The Story

Saturnyne still lives and she has told Betsy Braddock the truth of what happened in her previous dealings with Merlin. While Arther and his Knights head for Castle Camelot. Betsy must prepare herself for battle and make proper use of her sword, which is made from the Citadel, which due to Saturnyne’s actions can only fall.


The Artwork

Marcus To goes all out in this issue providing us with some great sequential artwork. I loved the final panel in which we see Betsy lifting her sword of power and stating her intent. It was very reminiscent of similar moments seen in the He-Man cartoons from the 1980s but was also uniquely Betsy Braddock.

The panels in which we see Betsy and her team go up against King Arthur were brilliantly done. I particularly loved the brief confrontation between Arther and Betsy, who obviously has a strategy in mind.



Tini Howard does a great picking up the story from where it left off in last month’s issue. Throughout the entire run of this book, we have had nice little bits of information dotted throughout the book to let us know what’s been going on elsewhere in the story. In this issue, we get a great example of this in which we get to read a brief transcript of Reuben Brousseau’s remarks to Parliament about Braddock Isle. When I read that part of the book I could easily envision the pomp and ceremony in how he’d be addressing the British Government.

Overall. Otherworld is a pretty good way for this book to end. Or maybe begin something new. As it is kind of left open.

Excalibur (2019-) #26 OTHERWORLD FALLS!
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