In Review: Excalibur (2019-) #20 THE PHANTOM MENACE!

An invisible threat is loose on the island of Krakoa — unseen, unheard, undetectable by any...except Excalibur.

Synopsis: THE PHANTOM MENACE! An invisible threat is loose on the island of Krakoa — unseen, unheard, undetectable by any…except Excalibur.


The Story

Betsy Braddock has returned to Krakoa and stands before the council as Captain Britain. At the council meeting, she is asked to reconnect with Saturnyne in the otherworld. She is also asked about Malice who had temporarily possessed her new body. Indeed, Malice proved to be a dangerous foe indeed. But both Betsy and Psylocke think that they can reach out to her. So, a plan is hatched, which sees Psylocke and Betsy wait for Malice to make her next move. Once they catch up with her. Betsy and Psylocke try and reach out to Malice and invite her to join them in Krakoa.


The Artwork

Marcus To has a fair bit to do in this issue. But there is very little in the way of action. And the little that there is all takes place within the minds of Betsy and Malice. The few panels at the beginning of the comic, which show a little of Malice’s origin story were nicely done. Particularly the moment in which we see Alice’s spirit leave her body and become Malice.  Also pretty well done was the psychic duel between Betsy and Malice.



Tini Howard does a pretty nice job of exploring part of Malice’s origin story as part of her build-up to pitting her against the combined force of Betsy Braddock and Psylocke. The establishing panels showing the backstory of Malice were well written and I actually felt a little sorry for Alice’s mother.

I also enjoyed the conversation that Psylocke and Betsy have with Professor Xavier as they make a case to try and help Malice. Xavier wants to lock Malice in a psychic prison. Whereas Betsy and Psylocke think that they can draw her out and place her in a new body.

Overall. I really enjoyed THE PHANTOM MENACE! I particularly enjoyed how we got to see a part of Malice’s origin story to sort of help make sense of why Betsy and Psylocke are so keen to try and help her.


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