In Review: Excalibur (2019-) #17

QUEEN ELIZABETH III?!? Opportunities and opportunists.

Synopsis: This month on Excalibur. QUEEN ELIZABETH III?!? Opportunities and opportunists. Two heads-of-state seek to restore the state of things.


The Story

In London. Pete Wisdom of MI13 gets a visit by a Wizard from Coven Akkaba. In short, they are trying to find Betsy Braddock. Meanwhile, Rogue, Richtor, Jubilee, and Gambit are also trying to find the real Betsy. He is also tasked with the job of finding Brian Braddock who has also gone missing.

In parallel earth. Betsy has found herself in the position of being Elizabeth III. Queen of England, but is uncomfortable with the new mantle. Thankfully she can count on some help from a former X-Man called Angel who gets his ex-wife to help smuggle Betsy to The Lighthouse where she can use a Portal to get back to her home. But can she get there in time.


The Artwork

Markus To gets to have a ton of fun with various locations. I loved the panels in which Betsy is speaking with Angel about getting back to her own universe. Furthermore, the action sequences in which Betsy is taken to the lighthouse are brilliantly drawn.

I also really enjoyed the Camelot style twist of Betsy rising up from the water in a similar way to the Lady of the Lake on the finale page. Also, loved the action sequences leading up to that in which Richtor is taking on the Akkaba witches and isn’t fairing particularly well.



Excalibur continues to be somewhat of a monthly event for me as the various plot threads untangle. I’m loving the fact that there is a Betsy Braddock in every universe. And the fact that she is also the Queen of England makes for some added fun. Additionally, we also get to see team Excalibur doubting themselves somewhat given that they can no longer count on Apocalypse for help when battling against other supernatural forces.

Overall. A really fun issue with some great story twists. Which are made more interesting with the addition of Pete Wisdom.


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Excalibur (2019-) #17
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