In Review: Excalibur (2019-) #14

This time on Excalibur. Betsy makes preparations for her duel.

Synopsis: This time on Excalibur. Betsy makes preparations for her duel.


The Story

Picking the story up from the last issue. Betsy Braddock the new Captain Britain finds herself at the mercy of Saturnyne and is being forced to fight in a tournament against Arakko. Prior to her duel with Isca The Unbeaten. Betsy manages to get a message out to Jubilee and Shogo who are resting. But before Betsy can finish the conversation she suddenly finds herself in the arena where she has to fight for the honor of Krakoa.


The Artwork

Excalibur artist Phil Noto gets plenty to do in this issue. Not only does he have a duel to draw. But he also gets to draw an impressive set of panels as Jubilee and Shogo attempt a last-minute rescue. Added to all of that. He also gets to draw a wedding as Cypher is pushed into a marriage with Bei The Blood Moon, whose voice is a powerful weapon.

The duel between Betsy and Isca The Unbeaten is nicely drawn. We get nice perspectives of the swordfight as well as audience reaction to it. Members of the audience include Wolverine, Storm and Apocalypse to name a few. Though Wolverine looks to be wearing an old X-Men uniform.

The final few pages with Shogo and Jubilee are the highlight of the issue. I love seeing a well-drawn dragon.



Writer Tini Howard goes for maximum shock value with this issue. She has written a great villain with Saturnyne, but also has use wondering about the fate of Betsy. I loved the marriage sequence with Cypher. Especially the parts leading up to it where Cypher is trying to get a grip on his situation. The marriage vows from Bei The Blood Moon were brilliantly written and somewhat of a surprise. I was surprised that she used English for the vows. I really enjoyed the verse.

Overall. A really fun issue. That leaves us with more questions than answers.


You can pick up a copy of this issue and any back issues over at ComiXology.

Excalibur (2019-) #14
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