In Review: Excalibur (2019-) #10

LONDON IS BURNING! Captain Britain is faced with her hardest decision yet as Britain goes to war with Krakoa.

Synopsis: LONDON IS BURNING! Captain Britain is faced with her hardest decision yet as Britain goes to war with Krakoa. Can Excalibur survive being torn between two worlds?


The Story

Things are not looking good for Captain Britain, Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee, and Rictor. Britain is at war with Kroakoa, the home of all mutants, and Excalibur is torn between both worlds. This is especially tough because Betsy Braddock, the new Captain Britain has sworn to protect both. Betsy and her friends are stuck in the middle of London, which is burning. It is only thanks to the intervention of a flying ship that they are picked up, but Betsy needs to get to the lighthouse to reconnect with her family. She needs to connect with her crazy Brother the new ruler of Avalon Jamie Braddock and stop him.


The Artwork

Marcus To does a great job with the artwork for this issue and the burning city of London and the police turning on the Betsy and the mutants were brilliantly drawn, but the biggest and best moment in the comic is when the big flying ship shows up to rescue them. This leads onto Betsy’s fight with Jamie, which builds to a really strong cliffhanger, with some awesome imagery of Gambit, Rogue, and Rictor decked out in Captain Britain’s uniforms as we once again have more than one Captain Britain.



After what has been a long break. It was nice to see this comic return. The complexity of having the story spread across London, Krakoa, and Avalon continues to provide interesting backdrops and Jamie Braddock’s place in the story becomes clearer. We still have the coven of witches that are working against the mutants working in the background, but there place in the story is becoming more and more prominent.

Overall. A solid issue that begins to stitch together various plot points from earlier issues. I look forward to seeing how things progress next month. Especially given how things ended in this issue.

Excalibur (2019-) #10
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