In Review: Eternity #4

The scales are are balanced at a cost.

Synopsis: Abram and Myshka have fought bravely to reclaim their child. A child who has been prophesied to bring balance to the bizarre meta-world of The Unknown. As fiercely as they fought, their child has a destiny; moreover, his role in the universe is a critical one. Yes, the many forces that have threatened Abram and Myshka’s child are still ever-present, but they pale in comparison to the secret origins of their son. The genesis of which will alter the shape of their lives forever.

Review: Eternity #4 is a rich and complex story closes its story arc succinctly. Well, maybe succinctly isn’t the best descriptor when it comes to a meditation on parenthood, destiny, time & space. Arguably, the strongest element to the story is parenthood. All parents have hopes and dreams for their childeren, but when the time comes, those expectations are malleable. This is perfectly reflected when Abram & Myshka learn the truth of about their child. The child was always destined to be what he was. Greater than the sum of his progenitors, and although it isn’t what they had dreamed for their son, both parents come to accept what is meant to be. This isn’t to say that it was any less painful to see their child grow up right before their eyes. All parents have that sense of lamentation.

Once again the art for Eternity remains stunning. The use of panel when we see Myshka walk her son to the portal which will transform him is gorgeous. It conveys so much with a gravity that is not easy to manufacture. So much happens on the page, it is easy to get lost in the thread. On the other hand, getting lost in the panels is just what this dynamic art team is hoping for. The characters break free of the panels and become reduced to sketches, and those  pages really drive home the idea of the freedom and fluidity Eternity delivered with each and every issue.

Though I may not have understood all of what this series had to offer, every idea, every panel, and every page has been a source of wonder, and it has been very appreciated.

Eternity #4
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