In Review: Eternity #3

You've got to admit it's getting meta.

Synopsis: Abram and Myshka are embroiled in war over the fate of their son. Their child is destined to be the bond that keeps the Unkown from destroying itself. Their enemies are many, and their allies may not be strong enough to aid them. As the two sides of the conflict rage against each other, Abram sees the carnage as futile. During the battle, Divinity is rendered unconscious, and Myshka is subdued as well. When Abram regains consciousness, he and Myshka are held captive. It is here that Divinity makes the ultimate leap of faith to find his son, but it may cost him not just his life but his wife as well.

Review: When stories are meta-textual, it can go one of two ways: fantastic or poorly. Some stories only use it as a plot device, while other use it to add a level of depth that is hard to maintain. The opening pages fire ansalvo of commentary on the nature of this battle and the comic book genre. Abram finds the entire fight ludicrous. It doesn’t seem to get him any closer to finding his son. These are fights readers have seen in comics, movies and television. Visually, battle scenes are engrossing and engaging, but Abram asks what purpose does it serve. It is a statement that puts all of what has occurred into stark perspective.

Once again, Eternity is a gorgeous series, and it takes spectacle to a whole new level. Every locale is stunning, and the characters pay homage to other characters such as Yandu or Conan the barbarian. Visually, the battle scenes are a love letter to classic series such as Barbarella, Guardians of the Galaxy, and etc. These panel reinforce the idea that all of this is farce. These scenes have been played out before, and it will happen again because it doesn’t matter.

Eternity continues to amaze readers with consistently enticing scenes and commentary. Issue #4 will surely do the same.

Eternity #3
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