In Review: Eternity #2

Kindt and Hairsine takes us on a voyage fantastic!

Synopsis: Abram & Myshka have the powers of a god, but when their young child is taken from them, the pair travels to the edges of the universe to find him. As the divine parent’s trail the kidnappers known as the Brothers of the Bomb, they encounter strange beings who aid them on their mission. The reason Abram and Myshka’s child has been taken connects to a war that has waged for eons, and the scales of power rest solely on his sacrifice. Here, in the Unknown where the cosmonauts were transformed, these parents must join the war if they hope to save their son from their opponents.

Review: Matt Kindt has done something incredibly smart in Eternity. Yes, Divinity and Myshka have power over space and time, but these powers aren’t enough to prevent them from being scared parents. Parents who do what other parents do when their child goes missing, they look for them. Storytelling like this remind the reader that while currently godlike, Abram and Myska were once human. Feelings of fear and loss are what makes this story relatable with believable stakes.

The art in issue #2 does a massive amount of heavy lifting. How could it not? The locales are positively marvelous and unsettling. Page after page reminds you of Dali paintings or the movie Labyrinth. Our protagonist are traveling through the Unknown; a place where our ideas of time and space start to warp. Creatures who are completely outrageous or impossible seem common fare. Myshka herself comments on how every location seems surreal and fantastic. The only limits to these panels are the limits the reader prescribes to them. Take the god platform where  the observer was killed. Outstretched arms hold a structure seemingly in the center of nothing. It is free from the constraints of normal space; furthermore, it forces the reader to think in the same way.

There is a great deal of Eternity that doesn’t make sense. What is truly exhilarating about the story is that it doesn’t have to because no one actually understands what is unknown. All you can do is move through it hoping you come out on the other side with what you hold dear.

Eternity #2
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