In Review: Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark #9

Elvira’s traveled through time and been to Hell and back…but does she get to take a breath and recover from her travels?

Synopsis: Elvira’s traveled through time and been to Hell and back…but does she get to take a breath and recover from her travels? Not in this comic book, friends. Back from Hell, Elvira falls in with a coven of modern-day witches and takes a hot rod broom out for a spin in the sky!

Review: Elvira starts a new adventure, which sees her get into plenty of trouble.

The Story

Having returned from her trip through the 9 circles of Hell. Elvira is trying to resume normal life, but this being Elvira. Normal is purely a subjective concept. Things are going smoothly for a while. She has resumed filming on the movie, that she was whisked away from and has returned home to recap her adventures thus far to her dog. Yup, Avallone tricked her again, but it’s forgivable given the great art from Dave Acosta.

So having settled in for the evening with a nice bath. Elvira suddenly finds herself being kidnapped by a group of whiches, who want her Lucefarian energy. From this point on. Total chaos ensues as Elvira is literally swept off her feet by a broomstick.


Dave Acosta does some fun things on this issue. Especially when it comes to Elvira flying around on an out of control broomstick. The sequence where she is being talked down by a helicopter crew that can’t quite believe what they are seeing is brilliant fun and really well-drawn. Especially be bemused expressions on the faces of the helicopter crew.


This is a really solid start to a new story arc that carries a few things over from Elvira’s previous adventure with the fact that she now has a spike of Luciferian energy. I continue to love the witty one-liners that Avallone writes. Especially when it comes to Elvira’s close encounter with the “D” in the Hollywood sign.

Overall. A really strong start. I can’t wait for the next issue.

Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark #9
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