In Review: Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark #8

Elvira comes face to face with the Devil in this concluding issue of the story.

Synopsis: Elvira’s comes face to face with Satan himself, as her odyssey through the underworld reaches its thrilling and ridiculous conclusion.

Review: David Avallone concludes this story with a number of fun set pieces and takes Elvira back to where the story started.

The Story

Having traveled through the various parts of Hell. Elvira who has gotten assistance from Glenn has now made it to Satan’s throne room and must plead her case. In order to get to the truth, which he knows already. Satan stages a trial in which Elvira has to recount how she wound up in such a pickle.  Called to the witness stand is none other than Faust, who provides his version of events in what seems to be a clever little game for Satans amusement.

The Artwork

Dave Acosta has a bit to do in this issue as he presents us with various different takes on Satan. Who starts off as the big hoofed demon we are familiar with and becomes Elvira’s old Gym Teacher and then becomes a judge in a courtroom scene.

The best is saved fro the last few pages as Elvira has to face her demons in order to get out of Hell when she comes to the conclusion that it is only a matter of her choosing to leave.


This is a really satisfying end to what has been an amazingly fun 8 issue story arc in which we have not only seen Elvira time travel and mix with various icons of horror but also seen her navigate hell. The dialogue and banter have been thick and fast with plenty of double entendre’s and outright laugh out loud moments.

Dave Acosta’s artwork has been brilliant throughout as he has risen to a number of challenges that David Avallone set up for him in the story.

Overall. A fun read and definitely worth getting when it comes out as a graphic novel.


Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark #8
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