In Review: Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark #7

The Hellish hijinks continue, as Elvira and Faust go deeper and deeper into the Underworld.

Synopsis: The Hellish hijinks continue, as Elvira and Faust go deeper and deeper into the Underworld. Will they escape judgment, or does the Lord of the Flies have something special waiting for them?

Review: Elvira’s journey through hell continues.

The Story

Elvira is still being guided through hell by Glen who has thus far been a pretty good tour guide. In this issue, we run into a hungry Minotaur, a disgruntled Star Wars fan whose last words were, ‘Mary Sue’ and the Valley of lost temps.

The issue gets off to a fun start as Elvira has to talk herself out of being a Minotaurs next meal. Thankfully a former friend known as Geekbully creates a bit of a distraction to allow her and glen a chance to getaway.

The Artwork

Dave Ocosta does some wonderful work on this issue. I loved his drawing of the Minotaur, who gets a fair bit of time in the book as a character in his own right. I also loved the level of detail that we see when Elvira and Glen get to the island of lost temps, which sees a lot of people at typewriters and what have you.

I also enjoyed the sequence of panels on page 18, which sees Glen putting himself in harm’s way to protect Elvira.

We also get some wonderful covers for this issue.


This was a great issue, which culminates with Elvira getting her meeting, but the fun was in getting her there. I particularly enjoyed the jokes in this issue and some of the hellish tortures that David Avallone came up with. People being made to watch social media while they are insulted in very personal ways without a right to reply was particularly funny.

The team of Avallone and Acosta have hit another winner with this comic and I really look forward to seeing how it concludes.

Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark #7
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