In Review: Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark #6

Elvira is riding that Escalator of the Damned all the way down…

Synopsis: Elvira is riding that Escalator of the Damned all the way down…and she’s going to have some words with the Manager. He just wants her to Mephistopholeave him alone. Thrills, chills and more high-class puns like that one, as Bettie and Faust go shopping in the Mall of Souls.

Review: Elvira continues her journey into the bowels of hell with more one-liners.

The Story

Having wound up in hell due to an accident. Elvira is trying to get to the lower parts in order to meet Lucifer and seek his help in order to return her to Los Angeles.

This issue sees Elvira tackle a Demon, a three-headed dog and a chance meeting with Glen who seems to know his way around and has offered his help.

The Artwork

Dave Acosta gets to have a lot of fun in this issue as he shows us various different parts of hell, which ranged from a demon torturing and whipping souls. To a shopping mall, which seems to consistently play ‘We built this city on rock n roll.

I loved Acosta’s drawing on page 4 of Elvira being lowered into the bowels of hell by the manager.


David Avallone and Dave Acosta have delivered another fun issue here. I loved the banter between Glen and Elvira and Glen’s explanation for why most of the demons seem to be as stupid as hell.

There is also a wonderful meta moment where Elvira breaks the third wall and talks directly to Avallone in order to chastise him for some of the fun literary references that are made in parts of the issue.

The story has had some nice twist and turns and has given artist Dave Acosta and lot of room to play around with a lot of different visual ideas. I loved the shopping mall, which makes so much sense given that shopping malls are many peoples idea of a personal hell.

Overall. A great issue.

Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark #6
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