In Review: Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark #4

Elvira’s trip through time finally gets her back home, to Los Angeles…but eighty years too early!

Synopsis: Elvira’s trip through time finally gets her back home, to Los Angeles…but eighty years too early! The Mistress of the Dark lands on the set of a horror movie classic, pursued by real — not reel — ancient evil! Would you sell your soul for riches and fame? Faust things Faust! Terrible puns just like that one, plus the usual thrills and chills await you in Chapter Four of ELVIRA: TIMESCREAM

Review: David Avallone gets to tickle the funny bone once more with lots of silly puns as he takes Elvira to Hollywood of 1935.

The Story

Having learned that it is Faust who has been transporting her and Vlad through time in the last issue. Elvira finds herself transported to Hollywood of 1935 where she lands on the set of what looks to be an alternative version of ‘Bride of Frankenstein’, which is most likely due to copyright issues. In that Boris Karloff is replaced by a made-up actor.

As in previous issues Vlad the Impaler isn’t far behind and the inevitable chase sequence ensues as Elvira takes Vlas on a whistle-stop tour of various film sets that happen to be filming on the Universal Studios Lot.

The Artwork

Dave Acosta’s work throughout this book has been absolutely wonderful thus far and he gets to take it all up a notch in this issue as he gets to play with various movie sets ranging from the Gothic horror of ‘Bride Of Frankenstein’ to a Western, a Musical and a Pirate movie. And to top that off we even have what appears to be a fun little cameo from Abbot and Costello as security guards.


This was another fun issue with Elvira once again breaking the fourth wall to critique writer David Avallone about this and that. But the fun is in the chase sequences as the sudden changes of location, which Acosta pulls off seamlessly.

I look forward to next months issue to find out how Elvira will manage to get home.

Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark #4
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