In Review: Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark #2

Elvira's mad time-traveling adventures continue in this second issue of David Avallone's new comic book series. 

Synopsis: Elvira and Edgar Allen Poe face down a raven-ous foe, in the second chapter of ELVIRA: TIMESCREAM.

Review: Elvira’s mad time-traveling adventures continue in this second issue of David Avallone’s new comic book series.

The Story

This second issue sees Elvira leaving Mary Shelley and heading to 1838 Philidelphia where she meets celebrated horror writer and poet Edgar Allen Poe.

Dave Avallone wastes little time in cracking the jokes through Elvira as she very quickly recaps the last issue and tells Poe what has happened thus far and even mentioned the various variant covers.

At this point, the pair toddle off to a nearby tavern where the flirting continues until the monster, which has now been revealed to be Vlad The Impaler makes himself known. A fun cat and mouse chase ensue’s and Elvira and Poe do their best to escape the villainous tyrant.

The Artwork

Dave Acosta’s artwork throughout this issue is pretty tight. I really enjoyed the opening few panels in the cemetery as well as the atmosphere he is able to conjure up in the tavern.

The best series of panels though comes towards the end of the comic as we see Vlad transform into a giant bat as he gives chase to Elvira’s carriage.

The scared expressions on Edgar Allen Poes face are also well drawn and convey what we can only imagine he’d be feeling.


This is a really strong second issue, which doesn’t really reveal how Elvira is traveling through time or why, but it does see her beginning to try and put the pieces together. I loved how meta Elvira was at the start of the comic as she breaks the third wall in her conversation with Poe when in fact she is really speaking to us readers.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what Avallone and Acosta come up with for the next issue. Hopefully Elvira will meet someone that actually knows a thing or two about how to fight vampires.

Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark #2
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