In Review: Elvira: Mistress of the Dark #10

Elvira’s eldritch adventures continue, as her wild ride winds up at a horror-haunted hospital.

Synopsis: Elvira’s eldritch adventures continue, as her wild ride winds up at a horror-haunted hospital. A crazy cult is playing doctor (and not in a good way)… but Elvira is ready to operate as only she can, in her latest absurd escapade!

Review: This issue is the perfect mix of madness, mayhem, Hubble, and bubble.

The Story

Elvira finds herself in hospital where the Doctor is about to perform a delicate operation. Unfortunately for Elvira it is not your standard nip and tuck, but is more of an attempt to steal her Luciferian energy. Trapped and with no place to go. Is Elvira fated to be saved by a 1990’s style superhero or will she be able to work with said hero to get her power back?


Dave Ocosta does some wonderful work in this issue as we get to see a lot of a hospital. In fact more than anyone would ever want to see of a hospital. I loved seeing the witches broom throb as it is filled with dark magic that has been stolen. I also loved the outlandish  costumed superhero character who really does like something you’d have seen in a cheap 1990’s superhero movie. Not quite as bad as the 90s Nick Fury movie, which starred David Hasselhoff in a time when Nick Fury wasn’t as cool as now, but bad enough.

The final standoff in which we see Elvira and the Superhero guy go up against the Deucalionids was a super series of panels. I loved the fact that Elvira’s usual black dress had been turned white.


Dave Avallone continues to amuse with his characterisation of Elvira and the fairly consistent breaking of the third wall as she addresses readers directly. I can’t wait to see how the writer will end this story arc. Especially in light of many of the recent issues he has already done.

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark #10
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