In Review: Elvira Meets Vincent Price #3

Elvira and Vincent’s Ghost arrive in Cairo

Synopsis: Elvira and Vincent’s Ghost arrive in Cairo, hot on the trail of the missing movie that can save the world from Amun-Ra! It’s a game of cat-and-mouse among the pyramids, as a pair of silent comedy assassins stalk Elvira and Vincent, ancient crypts are infiltrated, angry goddesses are awakened, and tourists are confused…


The Story

Elvira and Vincent’s ghost arrive in Cairo where they meet up with Vincent’s old friend Ahmed. As they catch up with Ahmed they learn that he has the original copy of The Book of The End of All Things. Meaning that the copy that Amunet has is fake and has absolutely no power. However, what Vincent, Elvira, and Ahmed do not know is that they have been tailed by two assassins who share a likeness with a certain well-known silent comedy duo.



Juan Samu produces some fabulous art for this issue. His illustrations of the pyramids are pretty breathtaking. But it’s the action beats that really sell this issue. I particularly enjoyed how Vincent Price’s ghost uses his power to scare the two would-be fez-wearing assassins into losing consciousness. I also loved the series of panels in which Ahmed leads Vincent and Elvira through the underground hiding place for the scroll that they are looking for.



Dave Avallone delivers once again as he lampoons Raiders of the Lost Ark and has fun in the process. I loved the little in-joke from the two tourists commenting about the assassins following Elvira’s party and then jokingly saying that they’d get more respect from Image Comics. I also loved how he used the climax from Raiders of the Lost Ark as a means of stopping Amunet’s two henchmen.

Overall. Another solid issue with lots of cheeky jokes and fun innuendo and a brilliant cliffhanger that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Elvira Meets Vincent Price #3
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