In Review: Elvira Meets Vincent Price #2 Chapter 2 – Ankhs For The Mammaries

Elvira and the Ghost of Vincent Price continue their quest to find a lost cult movie…

Synopsis: In Ankhs For The Mammaries, which is chapter 2. Elvira and the Ghost of Vincent Price continue their quest to find a lost cult movie… AND save the world from the wrath of an awakened Egyptian god. Their journey takes them to the crumbling country estate of a reclusive film director and his movie-star bride, but things go all Dr. Phibes before you can say House of Usher!


The Story

Picking up from where the last issue left off. Elvira and Vincent are searching for a print a lost movie that he starred in. Having visited one of the producers they find themselves confronted by Amun-Ra. Vincent uses his ghostly powers to trick Amun-Ra so that they can escape. As Vincent fills Elvira in on the backstory of the lost movie. We learn that the film contained an Egyptian incantation, which can prevent Amun-Ra from enslaving the planet. Seemingly a new Deathflix Movie about Cleopatra contains another incantation that will do the opposite. So they are in a race against the clock.

The next stage in their adventure takes them to the home of Vincent’s co-star from the movie Claudia Antonelli who has not aged a day. While Vincent uses his ghostly powers to sneak into Claudia’s home to try and find the lost movie. Elvira tries to charm him by asking her for an interview. As you can imagine. All is not as it seems.


The Artwork

Artist Juan Samu gets to have lots of fun with this issue as we see the ghost of Vincent Price undergo a number of changes in order to get around the various obstacles in their way. But it is the panels he created for the 1970s flashback sequence on the movie set which is this issues highlight. Juan Samu really knows how to draw those seventies sideburns, which were the height of fashion of the day. I also liked how boxy-looking his cars were.



Ankhs For The Mammaries is a solid second issue that continues the story and keeps your interest. I loved the flashback sequence and how that builds to Elvira’s meeting with Claudia. I can’t wait to see how this all will pan out in the next issue. Which is going to involve more traveling for this duo.

Elvira Meets Vincent Price #2
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