In Review: Elvira Meets Vincent Price #1

Elvira is back, with her most historic AND greatest costar ever! The ghost of Vincent Price is a spirit with a mission, and only the Mistress of the Dark can help!
Vincent Price

Synopsis: In Elvira Meets Vincent Price! Elvira is back, with her most historic AND greatest costar ever! The ghost of Vincent Price is a spirit with a mission, and only the Mistress of the Dark can help! The Apocalypse is coming, and it’s going to be live-streamed for binge-watching, but a long-lost movie can save the world… if only the movie star specter and the horror hostess with the mostest can find it in time!


The Story

When Elvira and her producer friend fail to pitch a movie based on her most recent adventures. Elvira goes home feeling a total failure and falls into a dream in which she is saved from a chilling fate by Vincent Price. Understandably, Elvira is totally in awe of the ghost of the master of horror, but pretty quickly finds herself helping the master of horror in a mission. As she wakes, she is shocked to learn that her producer friend has betrayed her and sold one of her ideas to a horror streaming service. In order to console her wounded ego. Elvira sticks her favorite movie on and finds herself speaking once again to Vincent Price. After some initial banter. He tells Elvira about a movie that he made, which never saw the cinemas and has long been believed to be a Hollywood Urban Myth.

Can Evira and her movie idol find the lost movie and save the world from a terrible fate. You’ll have to buy this first issue to find out.


The Artwork

Juan Samu does a great job with the artwork. I loved the surprised facial expressions that he manages to pull off with Elvira. Especially the few that we see during her initial meeting with Vincent Price. Added to that, I also loved how the iconic actor initially appears in monochromic black and white and how that effect pops off the page when put against Elvira who is in living colour.



It’s great to see David Avallone working on an Elvira comic again. His previous runs with the iconic hostess of horror saw her journey into hell in perhaps her most epic adventure. Avallone is brilliant with the witty banter and totally knows how to write Elvira well. In his previous books, we saw Elvira recapping the events from the previous issue. This is something I hope we see again in this run. Given that it always got a laugh.

Storywise. This gets off to a brilliant start. The in-jokes are thick and fast and the initial meeting with Elvira and her horror hero was well executed. I can’t wait to read the second issue.

Elvira Meets Vincent Price #1
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