In Review: Elvira in Monsterland #3

After first collecting an army of vampires, then Frankenstein and his monsters, who could Vlad the Impaler be after next?

Synopsis: This month in Elvira in Monsterland, After first collecting an army of vampires, then Frankenstein and his monsters, who could Vlad the Impaler be after next? You know the answer: it’s Wolfmen, Jack! The Vampire King continues his plunder of the Multiverse of Movies, and only Elvira can stop him. Will the Mistress of the Dark get bit?


The Story

This issue sees Vlad and Elvira invade more classic horror movies. But this time out. Vlad is after Werewolves to add to his gang of Monsters. Starting off with The American Werewolf In London we see Elvira chase Vlad through the classic The Wolfman (1941), Teenwolf (1985) through to The Howling, and a fun moment from The Wolf of Wallstreet, which includes a fun Leonardo DiCaprio Joke. This issue sees the story move forward somewhat as Elvira manages to defeat Vlad by preventing him from getting some of his targets. And we now know who is behind the plan that Vlad is trying to implement.


The Artwork

As with previous issues, Kewber Baal has a great deal of fun with the visuals and once again gets to do some classic black-and-white stuff when drawing Lon Chaney Jr in full werewolf makeup from the 1941 movie The Wolfman. My favorite visual is near the start during the American Werewolf in London part of the book in which Vlad uses a Frisbee in order to capture the werewolf.



David Avallone continues to deliver us a fun story full of corny humor and some fun use of Puns when Elvira meets classic horror actor Lon Chaney Jr who famously played various horror icons during the 1940s and beyond. We also get some fun with The Wolf of Wallstreet where Leo DiCaprio gets burned by a witty Vlad remark about his baby face. 

Overall. This was a fun issue that did a respectable job of moving the story forward and given that the next issue will include some Kaiju. I can’t wait to see what Elvira makes of those movies and what further banter she will get to have with Vlad.

Elvira in Monsterland #3
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