In Review: Elvira in Monsterland #1

What’s scarier than Dracula? ALL THE DRACULAS! Vlad the Impaler is back

Synopsis: What’s scarier than Dracula? ALL THE DRACULAS! Vlad the Impaler is back, and he’s raiding the Multiverse of Movies to build a monster army and conquer the world. And only one woman can stop him! Vampirella! But she’s busy in her own books… so it’s up to Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark, and bane of Vlad’s existence, to stop his evil plan!


The Story

After having retrieved the remote control to the Movie Multiverse in her last adventure. Elvira is enjoying a bit of respite and watching some classic Dracula until a certain Vlad The Impaler barges into the movie and persuades a rather intrigued Bela Lugosi to go with him. Pretty soon Elvira gets a knock on her door from Agent Grant of the Novazone Express. He tells her that Vlad has been abducting Dracula’s and Vampires from the many Vampire movies that have been made and she is the only person that he trusts to stop Vlad.

Pretty soon via the use of a necklace The Mistress of The Dark starts channel hopping across many movies and TV shows and visits the set of the original Hammer Dracula movie, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Nightstalker, and Sesame Street where she does a bit of counting with The Count. But why is Vlad abducting all of these different movie iterations of Dracula and what is his plan?


The Artwork

Kewber Baal does a great job with the artwork and manages to capture the likenesses of the many actors from the various movies and TV shows featured. I really loved the black and white work done to depict the original Bela Lugosi movies and also enjoyed the gothic trappings on display in the Hammer movies that are featured. But for me, the best visuals are the ones that the artist does for Sesame Street. I particularly enjoyed the imposing view of the back of Big Birds head as he interrupts Vlad’s attempt to take the Count with him. Also seeing Elvira and Vlad as puppet versions was a hoot.



Once again David Avallone delivers more fun and jokes as he comes up with yet another story for The Mistress of The Dark. I loved how he had Agent Grant recap the events from the five prior mini-series in his efforts to recruit the titular hero of the book.

Overall this is lots of fun and I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

Elvira in Monsterland #1
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