In Review: Elvira in Horrorland #4

Elvira’s next stop in the Multiverse of Movies finds the Mistress of the Dark face-to-face with the Man of Your Nightmares.

Synopsis: In this month’s Horrorland Elvira’s next stop in the Multiverse of Movies finds the Mistress of the Dark face-to-face with the Man of Your Nightmares. Will they bond over manicures and their mutual hatred of bratty teens… or will it be a fight to the Dream-Death?


The Story

Having survived her encounter with an Alien on the Nostromo in last month’s issue. Elvira now finds herself in the Nightmare on Elm Street universe by a certain Wes Craven who for creative reasons is known as Les Maven in this book. The same goes for the nightmarish Freddy Kruger who is now known as Teddy Luger. And actor Robert England is now Norman Britain. Indeed these name changes have been a running gag throughout this run of comics and are likely for copyright reasons. But it’s also a bit of a laugh.

Either way. Elvira’s search for the magic remote lands her in another classic 80s horror franchise where she knows the entire plot of the movie and is changing things in the movie so she can get away and hopefully push the right button on the remote to get her home. However, the fact that Elvira has made all of these changes to classic horror flicks hasn’t gone unnoticed. As an agent from W.O.W. enters the fray and pulls Elvira out of Teddy’s nightmares. His mission is of course to prevent Elvira from doing further harm. Good luck with that.


The Artwork

 Silvia Califano delivers some fantastic art for this issue and does a pretty good Freddie Kruger or should that really be Teddy Luger? I loved how well drawn Agent Prospero’s entrance was as he comes in to get Elvira. The entrance portal he uses puts me in mind of how Al used to appear to Sam in the original Quantum Leap series from back in the day. But a comic book adaptation of course. 

The sequence of panels where Teddy and Elvira rush for the TV remote was also well drawn and quite fun.



David Avallone brings us another fun issue with more puns than you can shake a stick at. Also, love how he continues to have Elvira break the 4th wall to comment about things to readers. The introduction of W.O.W. was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to see how much of a thing that W.O.W. becomes and whether it will be carried over into future storylines after horrorland concludes.

Overall. This was loads of fun.

Elvira in Horrorland #4
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