In Review: Elvira in Horrorland #3

In space, no one can hear your goofy sex puns!

Synopsis: In This months Elvira In Horrorland the story riffs on the Alien Movies. In space, no one can hear your goofy sex puns! The Mistress of the Dark finds herself “alienated,” as her trip through the Multiverse of Movies lands Elvira aboard a certain doomed starship with a certain deadly stowaway. (No, it’s not the cat.) Come for the horror comedy, stay for the franchise fatigue.


The Story

Having escaped from The Shining in last month’s issue. Elvira now finds herself on board the Nostromo where she immediately gets acquainted with the crew and winds up in the Brig when she mentions the alien to them. However, as the story unfolds it becomes apparent to the crew that Elvira is telling the truth and a certain crewmember who is fortunate enough to survive goes out of her way to help Elvira find the remote control.


The Artwork

Silvia Califano does a great job of depicting the claustrophobic feel of the Nostromo’s corridors as we see the crew struggle against the Alien. Also, the artist does a fabulous job of drawing the alien as we see it in several shots in the comic. The actor likenesses are pretty well drawn as well.



David Avallone finds quite a bit of fun within the alien movie. A favorite moment is when we see Ian Holm break out of his character to tell Elvira that he also got to play Frodo in the radio adaptation of Lord of The Rings.

Another fun moment is when Elvira reassures the ship’s cat that the Alien will not eat him as it’s not Alf. At which point a rarely used thought bubble comes up from the cat referring to the alien Alf being a threat to the feline spieces or words to that effect. You really need to read the book to get the joke. As well as watch the 80s sitcom Alf, who was a cute and funny alien that was always threatening to eat the family cat.

Overall. This was a really fun issue.


Elvira in Horrorland #3
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