In Review: Earthdivers #8

What started as a mission to find her missing twins in the Arizona desert in the year 2112 has landed Tawny in Ice Age Florida, separated from everything she knows and loves by thousands of years.

Having found and saved the life of an abandoned Sotutrean child in the last issue. Tawny is set on her quest to find her missing children. However, as she seems to be getting her footing in the ice age. Things take a turn for the worst when she is captured by the Solutrean tribe and used as bait to take out one of the native tribes. However when a storm arrives Tawny figures out that the Solutreans are frightened by what the storm can do and uses this as a chance to escape. But when the storm subsides she winds up prisoner again, but with the added hassle of a common cold, which just might prove to be fatal for the Ice Age people given that they do not have the same immunity as a person would have from the year 2112.


The Artwork

Riccardo Burchielli does some solid work on this issue. Many of Tawnie’s facial expressions throughout do a great job of portraying the loneliness and worry that she obviously feels about her children, who also get referenced throughout the book. The real money panels are the ones toward the close of the issue when Tawny tries to provoke a hurd of Woolly Mammoths into attacking the Solutrean tribe.



This really personal story about Tawny trying to find her kids is proving to be quite a bit of fun. I love her plan to infect the Solutrean people with whatever cold virus she has gotten. As that very much mirrors, what happened to America’s Native peoples when the European Settlers came. I also love the fact that Tawny is conscious of the effects that her actions may be having on the future of America.

Earthdivers #8
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