In Review: E-Bowla

It's ladies night at the local bowling alley and four longtime friends decide that it's the perfect place to enjoy their one night a year away from their wives.

Synopsis: It’s ladies night at the local bowling alley and four longtime friends decide that it’s the perfect place to enjoy their one night a year away from their wives. Unfortunately, the ladies and the pizza buffet have other ideas.

Review: Produced, written and directed by Cindy Maples. E-Bowla was the third place runner up for the SciFiPulse Award at the recent KWC Film Festival held in Kentucky.

Admittedly. When I first saw E-Bowla listed on the list of films that I viewed as one of the judges for the science fiction category. I was expecting a serious story about an outbreak of plague or something, but instead, I got a quite funny comedy, which completely subverts expectation.

Based on a joke shared between Cindy and her husband. E-Bowla is sort of a cautionary and funny tale about what could happen to married men who misbehave at the Bowling Alley. Especially on ladies night.

The Story

When four friends ditch their wives to go out bowling at the local joint on Ladies night. They find out that all is not as it seems.

The Acting

Most of the speaking roles in this film are done by the guys who are basically on their worst behavior as they leer across the bowling alley at all the ladies. Will Chase (Nashville, American Crime Story, and Stranger Things) who plays Big Thumper is particularly well cast as the ringleader of the guys. He is also the first to learn the true meaning of what ladies night is.


The film. Which runs at just 8 minutes is cleverly done. You find yourself not too sure what is going on while you also wonder how the hell these four guys are getting away with acting like 14-year-old kids leering at all the women and pretty much acting like idiots.

You know that something is going to happen, but you are never quite sure what.

My favorite moment is near the start when the guys are getting their shoes. The lady asks their size and scrutinizes the four guys ever so carefully. Of course, the guys are so oblivious to what is going on that they turn their shoe sizes into a lewd innuendo.

By the close of the film. I was laughing so hard that I spat coffee out of my mouth. Nearly ruining a perfectly good laptop.

E-Bowla is one of two entries that Cindy Maples had in the film festival. The other being 98.8%, which was also a fun comedy.

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