In Review: Dungeons & Dragons: Saturday Morning Adventures II #4

As the team battles an island beast, Sheila tries to convince Bobby to return to his friends and help Dungeon Master.

Synopsis: This month on Dungeons & Dragons, As the team battles an island beast, Sheila tries to convince Bobby to return to his friends and help Dungeon Master. Little does she know Bobby has other plans. Just as they get the upper hand and find the artifact that might cure Dungeon Master, a tempest rolls in. Venger has arrived…and he wants what the party has. Will Hank, Eric, Presto, Diana, Sheila, Bobby, and Uni finally defeat Venger? Or will this be the end of their adventures?


The Story

In this final issue of the story, the team waits anxiously for the Dungeon Master to meet them. However, when he arrives the news is not good. We learn that the artifact the team hopes will heal the Dungeon Master is no good. It seems the issue that has been ailing the Dungeon Master is related to Venger draining all of his magic from him. Can the team defeat Venger and save their friend?


The Artwork

George Kambadais did a great job of the art in this final issue—the panels where The Dungeon Master breaks the news to Hank and the rest of the team. The facial expressions are really on point and it drew me into caring for the fate of Dungeon Master.  I also loved the final fight with Venger where we see Presto get his moment.



David M. Booher concludes this story arc in such a way that the kids can be brought back in the future for further adventures. They succeed in their mission, but wind up having to make a huge choice at the end of the story, which would likely have changed the fate of the characters forever had they not made the correct choice. Hell I even liked Eric in this book and he was the character that I found most annoying in the original cartoon series.

Overall. I enjoyed this book and hope that we get to see further adventures in the future.

Dungeons & Dragons: Saturday Morning Adventures II #4
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