In Review: Dungeons & Dragons: Saturday Morning Adventures II #1

Sailing between planes in their Spelljammer, the party finds themselves on the swashbuckling Sword Coast.

Synopsis: In Dungeons & Dragons. Some time has passed since the team’s adventure in Waterdeep. Now Dungeon Master is growing weaker with an unknown ailment, and while thoughts of returning home are never far from their minds, the team must save their mentor and friend. Sailing between planes in their Spelljammer, the party finds themselves on the swashbuckling Sword Coast. With Venger closing in and pirates blocking the way forward, can our heroes cure Dungeon Master before it’s too late?


The Story

Hank, Eric, Bobby, Diana, Sheila, and Presto find themselves in the mountains of Ice Wind Dale. They are looking for an herb to help the Dungeon Master heal from a wasting curse. Suddenly the group comes under attack from an ice troll. Lucky for them  Drizzt Do’urden is close by and comes to their aid and guides them to where they can find the herb. But to find the cure. If indeed there is one. The group must travel to the Sword Coast to find it.



George Kambadais does a brilliant job with the artwork for this book. The kids all look a little older except Bobby and Presto who do not look too different from what they did in the 1980s cartoon series. Hank is the one that looks the most different as he has lost his long blonde look and gone for a sharper-looking semi-crew cut. The sequence where we see the gang get rescued by Drizzt Do’urden is nicely drawn and will no doubt be a crowd-pleaser for D&D gamers. I loved the artwork of the Spelljammer, which the party use to sail or fly in this case to the Sword Coast.



Writer David M. Booher does a great job with this story. The characterizations are exactly as I remember them from the old cartoon series. Eric is forever complaining, which is where much of the show’s humor comes from. While Bobby still rushes in where angels fear to tread, which is where much of the adventure comes from.

Overall a great first issue that has brought back some fond memories of the animated series that I loved to watch back in the 1980s.

Dungeons & Dragons: Saturday Morning Adventures II #1
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